Revisa African American History Stories

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 Pioneers in Black History!
  •  NONFICTION, ENCYCLOPEDIC, WITH BEAUTIFUL ILLUSTRATIONS : Has a one-page summary and each flashcard narrative standing on its own. The cards are a great compilation of interesting stories. Provocative literature, and comprehensive in scope. Also, the cards are matte laminated and waterproof.
  •  SHORT COMPELLING STORIES, GAME AND TRIVIA: Utterly vital for you and your children to know the fantastic things black people have contributed to Africas, Latin American & America's greatest civilizations. In this bios, you will find heroes, role models, and everyday black people who did extraordinary things. Fantastic for family game nights.
  •  A CUTE AND COMPELLING GIFT FOR FRIENDS AND TEENS: Heartwarming and beautiful illustrations with inspirational quotes is an excellent tool for your children's homeschool kit in studying their roots. It is a necessary addition to your family library. The cards present African American history in a fun, intelligent and engaging way.
  •  REALITY CHECK ON AMERICAN HISTORY: Eurocentric education diminishes the wonderful contributions of black people. These are the cards you wish you had growing up.It is great for casual reading and book reports.These colorful cards belongs in every classroom. Teaches you the contributions of black Americans to culture and science despite racism with all odds against them.