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Aso alowa outfit

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Aso Pupa is Yoruba for red outfit. This is an African poncho and skirt set. It has a close resemblance to the african boubou outfit. This is an African women's clothing item, for ethnic clothing lovers. African dresses for women are stunning fabric, and ponchos are a truly unique for an african gift.

Free size fits up to 47" bust, and fits up to 48" waist. Plus size fits up to a 54" bust, 52" length, and jacket is 42" long.

Connection to Africa ūüĆć

Woman wearing a boubouThe tradition of the boubou is old, and can be traced back to as far as the 8th century.  Its origin lies with the clothing worn by the Islamized Tukulor (Toucouleur), Mandé, and Songhai peoples of the great Takrur and Ghana empires, and 13th century Mali and Songhai empires.  In West Africa, the nobles of the different people were already wearing a garment more or less similar to the actual boubou.  The different patterns in the embroidery already had precise meanings which varied for different ethnic groups and regions.  The rest of the population, in majority craftsmen and farmers, wore garments similar to tunics for the upper body, and a wrapper or baggy trousers for the lower body.


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