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Sheni and Teni's 3-in-1 Puzzle Set - Ghana

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These puzzles depict traditional scenes from countries in Africa - showcasing the diverse, vibrant and colourful cultures across the continent. There are 3 puzzles within each box ranging from a 4-piece, to 12, and then 24 pieces so will be perfect for 2-5 year olds and will also provide variety, so they don't get bored too quickly :)

There are also short stories included to describe what's happening in the image, using words from the appropriate local language.

Learn all about the Akan, Ewe and Mole Dagbon cultural groups in Ghana. What fabric do the Akans wear? What special ceremony are Kofi and Adwoa getting ready for? What does the Hogbetsotso festival celebrate? What is a batakari? Discover all these and more with this puzzle set!

Material: Paper, Cardboard

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